This informational letter (an updated version of one originally sent to homeowners in the communities surrounding the airport) provides an overview of the current situation and outlines why it is important for you to become actively involved in asking the Ann Arbor City Council to reject this proposal.

2. The back page of our informational flyer summarizes a number of facts uncovered so far.

3. This is the letter submitted to Ann Arbor City Council by Dr Andrew McGill countering some of the dubious claims by the Airport Advisory Committee which supports the proposed expansion.

4.  On September 4, 2009 this grassroots group discovered a potentially damaging new resolution that the City of Ann Arbor and Pittsfield Township were trying to pass, which would have dramatically changed their long standing agreement concerning jurisdictional issues around the municipal airport.  This letter outlining the underhanded steps Ann Arbor Airport Personnel took in getting their long term plan / runway extension plan approved, was sent to City Council members by our group and fortunately resulted in the resolution being tabled……at least for now.

5.  We are pleased to report that this group had the opportunity to work with Pittsfield Township in re-writing paragraph 4 of the resolution mentioned above.  This is a copy of the revised resolution that now mandates early notification to Pittsfield Township of any possible changes to the Ann Arbor Layout Plan (ALP).  It was approved by both Ann Arbor City Council and Pittsfield Township in November, 2009.

6.  We are also very grateful to Pittsfield Township for passing an additional resolution, that this group proposed to their board.  This now ensures that all Pittsfield residents and organizations that register their interest, will be notified of any changes in the ALP that are proposed to Pittsfield Township by Ann Arbor City Council.

7. This Committee’s legal  comment response to MDOT’s  2010 draft Environmental Assessment.  Part one.  Part two.    Part three.

Also of interest is the Washtenaw County Water Commission’s comment response.

8. On 2/7/11, Ann Arbor City Council, for the second year in a row, voted to remove the airport funding from its Capital Improvement Plan.    Andrew McGill made this this request  for its removal to Council.

9.   As of 8/1/11, the MDOT Environmental Assessment, which must be approved by the FAA,  has been pending before the FAA  longer than any other in recent history.

10.  Committee for Community Quality 2010 Committee for Preserving Community Quality income statement.

11.  On January 28, 2013, Pittsfield Charter Township, Michigan, and Committee for Preserving Community Quality, Inc., filed a Petition with the U.S. Secretary of Transportation demanding an end to federal funding of an extension of the main runway at Ann Arbor Municipal Airport (ARB), which is located entirely within the boundaries of Pittsfield Charter Township. Here is a link to the 52-page, 31-exhibit document.

12.  Here is an explanation of the DOT petition  update  as of 2016.

13. Letter to Ann Arbor Mayor and City Council opposing the  proposed expansion from two Ann Arbor citizens and former AA Airport Advisory Committee members:  Barbara Perkins (three terms) and Bob Gunn (two terms), February, 2016.

14.Letter to residents from Committee for Preserving Community Quality, November, 2016.

15.  Our identified major flaws for comments on the 2016 MDOT draft Environment Assessment   here. 

16.  See  the 2016 draft Environmental Assessment .

17.  To make your voice heard,  the public commentary period has started and  will end by 5 pm February 10.  Send comments about this assessment and the expansion to: Mr. Steve Houtteman  Address: Office of Aeronautics Michigan Department of Transportation 2700 Port Lansing Road Lansing, MI 48906  Email Address:   A public meeting will also take place 4 – 6:30 pm at Ann Arbor City Hall. For more information, see the Airport website.

18.  Joint gasssroots  Committee for Preserving Community Quality- Pittsfield Charter Township public comment to MDOT opposing the 2016 Draft Environmental Assessment. Legal document with exhibits.

19. FAA also made a public comment to MDOT about the 2016 Draft Environmental Assessment, written to MDOT from the FAA Great Lakes Regional Administrator in Chicago, highly irregular from such a top-ranking official and typically not seen as complimentary.  It is critical of much in this DEA, including MDOT’s lack of coordination  of the  public commentary period, insufficient proof of Purpose and Need, and that it was based on an FAA  standard that was outdated by 18 months.   FAA Letter.

20. Andy McGill’s 10-4-21 Fall 2021 Airport Report to Stonebridge Community Association

21.  See the 2022 Draft Environmental Assessment

22 Andy McGill’_Powerpoint presentation   on the EA to 12/14/22 community information meeting at Pittsfield Township.

23 Joint grass roots Committee for Preserving Community Quality – Pittsfield Charter Township public comment to Ann Arbor Municipal Airport Manager and MDOT-AERO opposing the 2022 Draft Environmental Assessment.       Legal document with exhibits.


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