1. Page 2 of the Ann Arbor Airport’s Layout Plan illustrates the plan to extend the boundary all the way out both Lohr and Ellsworth Roads, which will surely mean the destruction of the large cornfield, a significant number of trees and possibly the beautiful old barn.

2. This presentation was produced by the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), which was formed by the City of Ann Arbor Airport Consultant “JJR” and the airport manager, to meet a federal statutory requirement and to complete a formal environmental assessment. It illustrates details of the planned expansion proposal, the project schedule, the environmental assessment milestones and opportunities for public involvement.

The CAC was supposed to serve as a forum for community input to inform the environmental assessment. Rather, it is made up of predominantly A2 airport staff & it has been a series of meetings where the packaged materials represented  have been presented with little opportunity for disscussion, open dissent or community input. These materials should be viewed in that light. They are designed, developed and biased from their conception to favor airport expansion – and it should be no surprise that they do.

3. After carefully studying it, here are five major problems we see with the 2010  Environmental Assessment  Please see Facts page for our legal response to this draft assessment.

4. On January 28, 2013, Pittsfield Charter Township, Michigan, and Committee for Preserving Community Quality, Inc., filed a Petition with the U.S. Secretary of Transportation demanding an end to federal funding of an extension of the main runway at Ann Arbor Municipal Airport (ARB), which is located entirely within the boundaries of Pittsfield Charter Township. Here is a link to the 52-page, 31-exhibit document.

5  The 2016 revised Michigan Department of Transportation/Ann Arbor Airport draft Environmental Assessment  online links.

6. After carefully studying it, here are our major comments  critical of the 2016 draft Environmental Assessment.

7. Our joint grass roots  Committee for Preserving Community-Pittsfield Charter Township legal comments to MDOT’s 2016 Draft Environmental Assessment. Legal document with exhibits.

8. The 2022 MDOT/Ann Airport Draft Environmental Assessment Here

9 After carefully studying  it, here are our major comments critical of the 2022 draft Environmental Assessment.

10. Andy McGill’s public commentary letter to ARB/MDOT-AERO opposing the 2022 Draft Environmental Assessment.

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